HCB Series

The 2024 standard hot tub series from Oasis. Featuring a range of 4 spas, starting at £6499.

All models feature:

The 2024 elite hot tub series from Oasis.  Featuring a range of 7 spas, starting at £6999

All models feature:

The 2023 Oasis Spas series.  Featuring a range of 10 spas, starting at £5999.

All models feature:

Intuitive controls with built-in WiFi


5 Year Warranty

The SPATECH TP10 control system comes with a full 2-year manufacturer warranty, giving you supreme peace of mind.

User-Friendly Interface

Thanks to its simple and efficient configuration, the bright LCD Display keypad is is intuitive and user friendly, and easy for anyone to use

Integrated WiFi

Integrated WiFi gives you full control of your spa via a convenient smartphone app, whether you’re at home or away.

Monitor and control your spa from your smartphone


The SPATECH app offers full control and real-time monitoring of your spa, whether you’re at home or away

The only spas available with the award-winning R18 full foam insulation system

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Bluetooth audio with integrated stereo speakers & subwoofer included

With our revolutionary under-shell transducer speakers, you won’t just hear your music – you’ll feel it too!  Featuring a high power integrated subwoofer, our speakers are designed to send the sound directly through the water, instead of out into the garden where you won’t hear it.

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