Aqua Life Hydro

All models feature:

All models feature:

All models feature:

All models feature:

Delivery and installation, direct from the manufacturer

Have your swim spa delivered and installed by a fully qualified manufacturer install team.  We’ll handle the entire process, from initial survey to setup and demo, making the process smooth and hassle-free.

The only swim spas with 10-speed inverter pumps

Unlike any other swim spa on the market, Riptide swim spas are equipped with variable speed inverter pump systems. This means that unlike other swim spas that use on/off type pumps giving only a few settings, Riptide swim spas are capable of producing 10 distinct power levels.

From beginner to olympic swimmer, and all levels in between.

Patented 3-inch power flow swim jets

Indulge in a truly professional quality swimming experience with the very best swim jets on the market.

Incorporating a revolutionary honeycomb design, distinct from all other direct injection jets on the market, our system ensures a more uniform flow pattern free from vortex turbulence.

Power flow swim jets, driven by high-flow pumps, provide optimal resistance with the smoothest water flow possible.

Proper jet positioning is essential. Our swim jets are strategically placed to target the shoulders and chest for maximum resistance.

Joint-friendly exercise with accessories

Exercise handrail

Great for kids, less experienced swimmers and aerobic training.

Swim Pole

The swim pole assists you in staying afloat, helps keep you in a straight lane, adds resistance if required and aids you to become a more efficient and faster swimmer.  If you’re a novice or competitive swimmer the swim pole can help you to improve your swim.

Exercise Band

A variety of exercises can be performed for different muscle groups and fitness levels to help improve flexibility mobility and balance.

Fully automated, error-free manufacturing

Our new, fully computerised manufacturing facility ensures consistent, high-quality output, giving our products an unparalleled level of quality and finish previously unseen in the spa industry.   Each spa is manufactured and tested entirely by machine, eliminating human error and producing quality and consistency that is simply unmatched.

Welcome to a new era of manufacturing excellence.

Intuitive touchscreen controls with built-in WiFi & Bluetooth™

5-Year Warranty
The SPATECH TP10 control system comes with a full 5-year manufacturer warranty, giving you supreme peace of mind.

User-friendly interface
Thanks to its simple and efficient configuration, the bright LCD Display keypad is is intuitive and user friendly, and easy for anyone to use

Integrated WiFi & Bluetooth Stereo
Integrated WiFi gives you full control of your spa via a convenient smartphone app, whether you’re at home or away.  Plus, stream your music directly to your spa using the included, free Bluetooth stereo system.

Monitor and control your spa from your smartphone

The free SPATECH app offers full control and real-time monitoring of your spa, whether you’re at home or away.  Start your spa heating up from work, so it’s warm when you get home!  Or check the temperature and set your filter and heater cycles from the comfort of your sofa.

Bluetooth audio with integrated stereo speakers & subwoofer included

With our revolutionary under-shell transducer speakers, you won’t just hear your music – you’ll feel it too!  Featuring a high power integrated subwoofer, our speakers are designed to send the sound directly through the water, instead of out into the garden where you won’t hear it.

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