Bromine Starter Kit

The Sunbeach Spas Bromine Starter Kit includes everything you need to get your Hot Tub journey started! 500g of bromine infused granules sanitise your Hot Tub of nasty germs and bacteria. The pH of your water is very important to manage which is why our starter kit includes 500g of pH Plus/Minus as well as 50 3 way Ezy-Test Strips to ensure your water is the perfect pH. Lastly the 500ml of foamaway enables you to eliminate foaming on the surface of the water.



Sunbeach Spas and Oasis Outdoor Living supply a variety of different hot tub and swim spa accessories across all their ranges, including hot tub chemicals and swim spa chemicals.

Everything you need to get started with a hot tub is included in the Sunbeach Spas Chlorine Starter Kit! A 500g bag of granules packed with chlorine can rid your hot tub of unwanted bacteria and germs. Because it is crucial to control the pH of your water, our starter package comes with 50 3-way Ezy-Test Strips and 500g of pH Plus/Minus to make sure your water is at the ideal pH. Finally, you can stop the foam from forming on the water’s surface by removing the 500 ml of foam.

Full Contents:

  • 500g Bromine Infused Granules
  • 500g pH Plus
  • 750g pH Minus
  • 500ml Foam away
  • 50 Test strips

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