RX170 Heatwave




1950 x 1640 x 820 mm

Original price was: £7,499.00.Current price is: £6,299.00.

Standard features

4oo Watt Preheated Airjet Massage System
In addition to powerful hydro jets, Oasis Spas hot tubs also include a soothing, pre-heated air bubble massage system


5-Stage 'Platinum Lock' Full Foam Insulation System

1. High density foam cover - High-quality hot tub cover with high density core foam and aluminium reinforced centre supports.
2. Full Foam Internal Insulation - Full foam insulation is the most energy efficient insulation solution on the market, creating a formidable thermal barrier.
3. Thermo Shield Side Skirts - Constructed from 2 layers of aluminium and 1 layer of plastic, finished in a stylish, weatherproof grey woodgrain finish.
4. Platinum Lock Insulation Material - This highly flexible insulation leads the way in heat retention and is made up of 25mm high density sponge foam and 1mm aluminium heat shield.
5. Solid Plastic Base - A solid plastic base creates not only a strong support system but also helps with heat loss and keeps rodents and pests at bay.


Proprietary Ozone Mixing Chamber
Unlike other hot tub brands that simply pump ozone into the middle of the spa, affecting just a small portion of the water near the outlet, Oasis Spas use a proprietary mixing chamber to pre-treat the water with ozone before adding it to the spa. This greatly increases the efficiency of the ozone, with a massive proven reduction in free-floating bacteria and germs.

Gecko® in.K1001 Full Colour Touchscreen
Gecko’s new version of its in.k1000 capacitive touch screen display keypad boasts a new state of the art touch screen with more precise fingertip contact areas for accurate target selection, enabling easier and more precise interactions. in.k1000+ features optimal water resistance and lots of memory.




1950 x 1640 x 820 mm

Seating Layout

2 Loungers & 1 Seat

Water Capacity

600 Litres

Dry Weight

240 kg

Power Supply

32 Amp


Hydro Massage Pumps

1 x 3hp

Hydro Massage Jets


Air Massage Pump

400w Preheated Blower

Air Massage Jets



Filtration Pump

1x 0.5hp High Flow Filtration Pump

Sanitiser System

High-Efficiency Mixed Ozone Sterilisation

Filtration System

PureBlue 50sqft Filters x 2




Internal Insulation

R18 Full Foam

Side Skirt Insulation

15mm High Density Foam

4mm Dual Aluminium Foil

Shell Insulation

6 Layer Shell with 10mm HD Foam


Control Pack & Heater

Gecko® 3kW 

Control Panel

Gecko® in.K1001 Touchscreen



RGB LED Waterlevel Lights
RGB LED Large Underwater Light
RGB LED Corner Panels



Bluetooth Audio

Gecko® in.Stream Bluetooth Audio

Speaker System

2x Under-Shell Transducer Speakers
1x Integrated High-Power Subwoofer

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Premium Bluetooth Audio System Included
All HEB models include a premium bluetooth audio system, complete with under-shell transducer speakers and a high-power subwoofer.

Dream Time Lighting
Create the perfect lighting for your mood.  Oasis HEB models include fully customisable RGB LED lighting