Acquire benefits that no other supplier can match

Oasis Outdoor Living provides experienced and professional services and experiences in addition to its products. We have a specialised sales and marketing team that is experienced in giving their services to partners that join us.

When you partner with us, you will receive exclusive benefits and support for your business as a dealer. We have a trained sales and marketing team that will guide you through each phase.

Our dedicated marketing team will take care of all your marketing requirements, including creating promotional materials and offering advice on digital marketing strategies that will help your company. We have also recently launched a new points system whereby we will pay for your marketing in exchange for points or coins when you join.

We can provide you with professional training and business help.

We can offer you demonstrations on all products so you understand how they function and operate. You can utilise this information when dealing with clients who want to know more about specific aspects of the product you sell.
We will also give you expert and inside business knowledge about the market and its competitors as well.

You may then use this knowledge and have an idea of how to promote your products as effectively as you can.

Additionally, we will assist you with acquiring knowledge on how to up sell. This would involve providing our experience and in-depth understanding of the products as well as the industry in general. We will give you in-depth instructions on how to market your goods as effectively as possible and provide a helpful working relationship.

Since we prefer to conduct business in a friendly and personal manner, all of these main benefits are a personal touch that we like to provide to our clients. We want our dealers to utilise us as their core centre and take advantage of all the advantages and expertise we have to offer for you to thrive in this industry. Become a partner today by joining forces with Oasis Outdoor Living.

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