NEW SpaLine EVI Full Inverter Heat Pump

The ultimate replacement solution for costly electric hot tub & swim spa heaters

  • UK Tested with water at 38 °C. Maximum COP 14.35

Inverter technology 

The full-inverter technology offers maximum efficiency by automatically adjusting its power in real-time.  This guarantees substantial energy savings increased durability and a longer lifespan.  The variable speed compressor modulates its power according to its needs, eliminating wasted power.


  • Integrated WiFi control
  • Remote touchscreen
  • Full inverter technology
  • High water temp 38°c
  • EVI technology
  • Reversible hot/cold
  • Hot tub & swim spa compatible
  • Effective even at -25°

Evi technology

EVI – Enhanced Vapour Injection – improves the energy efficiency of water heat pump systems by injecting additional vapour into the compressor at low ambient temperatures. It is thanks to this innovative technology that the iNHEAT SpaLine heat pump can perform better in extreme weather conditions, and operates down to -25°c.


    Your heat pump will reach and maintain the required temperature automatically.
    Your heat pump will run at its most economical and optimal setting, maintaining water temperature while ambient conditions are optimal.
    Your heat pump will reach the set temperature in the fastest time possible.
    Simply choose the desired mode in order to achieve the temperature you have set.

Includes free integrated wifi

Your connected heat pump can be controlled remotely using the Smartlife app, whether you are home or away.

  • remote control of heat pump models and settings.
  • scheduling your next spa session.
  • use with or without accessing the heat pump control paneL

Easy to connect plug and play

The iNHEAT SpaLine heat pump is simply plug and play, and connects to the spa with a by-pass kit that we offer as an option.

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