What Spa Best Buy Awards 2024: Triple Award Success

Oasis Outdoor Living is pleased to announce that they have received three awards in the renowned What Spa? Best Buy Awards 2024.

The 5-stage Platinum Lock full foam insulation, Ozone Mixing Chamber, and top-of-the-line Gecko control system are standard features of the Oasis Spas RX170 Wellness hot tub, which makes it the ideal hot tub for your outdoor area. Featuring two loungers and a seat, the small design can accommodate three individuals. ideal for smaller spaces and couples.

With room for up to five people, the Spas 3 Sunbeach 66L-B Pro Light Sunbeach Spas designs their hot tubs in-house in the UK. Our extensive experience, combined with our in-depth knowledge of the UK leisure sector, enables us to construct these tubs with remarkable luxury and endurance. introducing updated industry benchmarks for performance and energy efficiency. Industry experts acknowledge the R10 hot tub insulation that we designed.

iNHEAT 5kW inverter Pro Even in below-freezing temperatures, air-source heat pumps provide a cost-effective way to keep your hot tub heated all year for a fraction of the price of traditional heaters!**. iNHEAT utilise R32 gas, which is three times less greenhouse gas-producing than R410A, making them far more environmentally friendly than more conventional, less expensive heat pumps. They achieve a demonstrated coefficient of performance (COP) of up to 13.2 when using our cutting-edge new inverter systems. That means that for every 1 kW of power used, up to 13.2 kW of heat are created.

The top hot tubs available for purchase are highlighted in the Best Buy Awards. Hot tub models that meet or exceed several standards, such as hydrotherapy, comfort, design, and affordability, are recognised with awards.

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