Our brand NEW Invigorice Ice Bath range❄️

Oasis Outdoor Living has introduced a new product, the Invigorice ice bath. Celebrities and social media influencers now promote ice baths as a treatment for mental health, a way to reduce weight, and a way to increase immunity. For decades, coaches have pushed athletes from various sports to take the frigid plunge as a post-workout recuperation method.

Invigorice Ice Bath

To create the ideal ice bath, invigorice blends cold water technologies with a sleek design. According to experts, the optimal temperature for ice baths is 10-15 degrees for post-workout recuperation or as low as 5 degrees for endurance athletes. Our one-of-a-kind, bespoke chiller control system can keep your bath temperature as low as 3 degrees, making it ideal for all users.
We are excited to present a brand-new line of ice baths from Oasis Outdoor Living. This line will come in three varieties: BLAST, STORM and SHOCKWAVE.
Ice baths offer a variety of benefits. It is also worth noting that cold water therapy has varying effects on people.
The most typical benefits of taking an ice bath include:
  • Reduced inflammation and fluid retention.
  • Relieves muscular soreness.
  • Helps with exercise recuperation.
  • Improves immunity.
  • Promotes mental wellbeing.

The ultimate experience in ice baths may be had with the Invigorice Tub, which achieves exactly what its name promises—it infuses you with vitality and life. Not only is full immersion never a problem, but the elegant interior design allows users to relax rather than sit like in some other ice baths. It may be the most visually appealing and functionally efficient option to meet your needs because of the way its outside panel design blends in so nicely with many modern hot tub side panels.

Specifications and features

Technical Specification:

  • Dimensions: 1800mm x 845mm x 750mm
  • Water Capacity: 240 Litres
  • Seats: 1 Seat
  • Acrylic: USA Aristech Acrylic
  • Amp System: 13 AMP
  • Chiller Control System: – Customised Chiller Control System
  • Pump: Circulation Pump Large
  • Lighting: LED lights, corner lights, water perimeter lights
  • Ozone System: Yes
  • Filter System: Yes
  • Insulation 30mm

Features include:

  • Temp down to 3 degrees
  • 2 different colours, which include midnight opal and white marble.
  • FREE thermal top cover
  • FREE Steps

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