Funspas, our recently launched line!

The ongoing demands of life and work in today’s hectic environment frequently leave us physically and mentally exhausted. It could be difficult to find time to unwind. Looking for a higher quality of life? Experience a personalised wellness getaway with a professional-grade hydromassage spa.

Three hot tubs and two swim spas make up our new funspa range. Which include:


The funspa collection has been developed to transport you to another planet with exquisite designs and soothing massage therapies from your neck to your feet. We intended to make this design secure, comfy, and provide a spa-like experience. Soft materials and non-slip surfaces, as well as ozone and resistant steps, ensure safe entry and exit from your spa.

The funspas have a sleek design and two distinct colour options: elegant grey and pristine white. which complements the shell and cabinet.

Massages and jets

We have designed the new range with a Diverse jet combination. Every seat has a variable jet configuration that offers a customised and focused massage for various muscle regions. The loungers include a complete body massage system that relaxes the entire body all at once.

Our seats feature a variety of acupressure jets that specifically target the back and lower neck. They were also created for foot massage therapy, as the foot has the most nerves and muscles.

We have designed each jet in a precise position, Fun Spas integrate accuracy with a scientific seating arrangement and massage arrangement to provide the established advantages of hydrotherapy as well as the stimulation given by massage hydrotherapy. Applying focused water jets to alleviate muscles, encourage blood flow and generate an entire body sensation of wellbeing.

Your hydrotherapy experience can be enhanced with our high power, state-of-the-art massage pumps thanks to their adjustable stainless steel jets


Every hydrotherapy jet is precisely positioned to release the most knotted areas in your lower back, legs, feet, neck, and shoulders. With over 30 years of experience, our spas are designed to provide a relaxing soak, even for extended periods of time. The spa’s design maximises space for a comfortable and enjoyable experience. With the best swim jets available, you may enjoy swimming at a level that is genuinely professional.

  • The innovative honeycomb design sets this direct injection jet apart from all others. This eliminates vortex turbulence and permits a more consistent flow pattern.
  • High-flow pumps drive power-flow swim jets, which provide tailored resistance and maximise smooth water flow.
  • Proper jet placement is essential. For optimal resistance, our swim jets aim towards the chest and shoulders.


Conventional hot tubs frequently have wasted space along the borders, which makes it difficult to fully extend and relax. We at Fun Spas firmly believe that “more room, more comfort” means that you won’t feel crammed in or restricted.

As you discover the ideal seated position, extend your legs. You can enjoy your hydrotherapy sessions to the fullest because to the spacious interior that our thoughtfully designed design offers. Despite the compact floorplan of our spas, the interior space is quite large because of our special method of maximising available space.

Swimming experience 

The unique, patented 3-inch turbo swim jets in Fun Spas deliver a forceful, yet smooth flow, making swimming like never before. Appropriate jet placement is essential; wide or low jets simply waste water flow. Our swim jets aim to maximise balance by focusing on the chest and shoulders.


  • High density foam cover
  •  Edge foam
  • PVC Woodgrain side skirt panels
  • Insulation foam
  • Sold ABSA plastic base.

With the industry’s most energy-efficient hot tubs—the 6-Stage Skirt Lock Insulation System—all of our modern, exciting spas are built to save energy and power, saving you money on swim spa or hot tub maintenance.

Food-grade water quality 

With NSF food-grade hoses, you can enjoy food-grade water quality that both meets drinking requirements and shields you and your family from hazardous chemicals. We do this by using high efficiency filtration and virus and bacteria elimination, meaning robust blue filters efficiently eliminate particles from your spa, guaranteeing that it’s always clean and safe for you to use, and the ozone venturi enables O3 to totally incorporate with the water, sanitising each and every drop.



SPATECH control system

The SPATECH control system, which has eighteen years of experience, opens up a whole new world of possibilities for spa users. Modern hot tub packs come with built-in WiFi, making it simple and convenient to operate your spa whether you’re at home or away.

The SPATECH control system includes a 2-year guarantee, power-saving monitoring, an engineer-friendly interface, and a WiFi controller.

The SPATECH control system offers many customisable options, such as setting customisable maintenance reminders to remind you to clean filters and change water as needed. Also, the LCD display keypad’s basic and efficient configuration makes it user-friendly and intuitive, and with integrated WiFi, you can operate your spa from any location using a smartphone app.


Our funspas have 3 distinct LED lighting areas, which include waterlevel lights, large underwater LED, and backlit controls. 

Each light has been designed for a particular purpose. The combination of LED water level lights and a huge underwater LED enhances the overall visual experience. The lights offer configurable colour selections and colour-changing modes for dramatic effects, creating a peaceful hot tub experience. Our lighting effects are not limited to the water. Backlit diverter controls and air valves enhance the design and facilitate nighttime adjustments. The controls are colour-matched to the underwater lighting, producing a consistent atmosphere.


Our funspa collection offers numerous health benefits through hydrotherapy, such as stress relief, muscle relaxation, enhanced sleep, and healing stimulation. as well as decreased blood pressure, improved circulation, pain alleviation, and weight management.

Fun Spas is a global brand with more than three decades of experience. Our goods are popular in Europe, Australia, and North America, and trusted by thousands of clients worldwide. Fun Spas distinguishes itself from competitors by prioritising premium quality and providing great after-sales support. Experience why Fun Spas products are unique.








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