Spatex 2024 – Why it was such a success for us!

First and foremost, SPATEX meets the demand for an annual dedicated water leisure event, to showcase the latest innovations and products in a fast-moving market.

SPATEX is “By the Industry, for the Industry”  but what does that mean?  SPATEX continues to pursue its mission statement, created twenty-eight years ago, to return profits to the industry.

Spatex 2024 for Oasis Outdoor Living.

This week has been amazing! It’s amazing how positive the reactions to the new launch have been over the past few days! especially, our 10-speed Riptide inverter swim spa. We’re thrilled to have demonstrated to you just how little energy and power are required to operate our 10-speed Riptide invertor swim spa! and we’ve been recognised with awards for being the UK’s most energy-efficient brand👋
We have also introduced an entirely new line of hot tubs and swim spas. This week, we featured a Spatex from our FunSpas, Riptide Swim Spas, and Oasis spa range, all of which are currently available for purchase.



#SWIM2THEBEAT for the British Heart Foundation

As part of the #swim2thebeat initiative, which we are supporting during #heartmonth, #TeamSTA has been swimming to the beat at SPATEX Ltd. to raise money for the British Heart Foundation ❤️. Joining them is still possible; #swim2thebeat events will place throughout February. Click here for more information or to get involved.


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